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Discover our organic Peach & Apricot craft soda, slightly sweet, with a real taste of fruit.


Mona Craft Sodas are 100% natural and always made with a short and simple list of ingredients: No flavouring (natural or synthetic), No preservatives, Colorant free, No additives.


We pay great attention to the quality and origin of our ingredients. We only use carefully selected fruit juices and purees, exclusively organic and from French or European Union agriculture.


Naturally, like all our recipes, Mona Organic Craft Sodas are produced and bottled in-house in our "Limonaderie" near Paris.

Peach & Apricot 12 x 33cl

  • Eau gazéifiée, purée de pêche biologique (8%) (origine Espagne), purée d’abricot biologique (8%) (origine Espagne),sucres de betteraves biologiques français, jus de citron jaune biologique (origine Italie)

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