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cinq personnes souriantes et tenant pour certains une bouteille de cidre à la main



The beginning

In the beginning, Appie was about 5 friends who all wanted to create and share something real, something good, and who had in common a taste for adventure. 

We started in 2015 working with cafés in Paris by proposing an innovative product to be enjoyed on their terraces: craft cider ! We wanted a good product that was well made, out of French fruit,  100% natural, but that remained accessible. 

After four years of  bringing cider back into the spotlight in France, we realized that the same was true for sodas: often too sweet, filled with preservatives and artifial coloring, chemicals and never truly refreshing. We decided to do something about it. Mona was born. 

With the launch of our production site near Paris, it all took shape: we could produce the beverages that are found in cafés in order to renew the joys of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

We then launched our beer, in line with our values: artisanal, organic, made with French ingredients and accessible to all. 

We thus became a new generation "Limonadier"(drink maker).

une terasse de café avec des tables bleues
What is appie?

We create, produce, and distribute authentic 100% original craft beverages that renew the ordinary:
  100% pure juice craft cider,
  100% French organic craft beer,
  100% natural organic craft soda,
Our beverages now travel from cafés directly to your homes.

We bring the "café vibe" to family gatherings and drinks with friends. 

What is a limonadier?

Historically, a limonadier was a "lemonade-maker", that refreshing beverage made of sugary and lemony water, which they sold directly to cafés themselves, and with time alongside many other sparkling and alcoholic beverages. 

and a new generation LImonadier?
A new generation limonadier renews the offer of "cafés" for the joys of a larger public. 

We want to use our savoir-faire to fight against uniformity and renew the offer of "cafés" and restaurants but also at home. 

We want to contribute to making "cafés" once again a place of creativity, inspiration and discovery. We want to reconnect with the independent mindset of these places created by the people who animate them every day. 

We want to accompany café-owners and fuel their relationship with their clients. 
Give them the primacy of a new product. 
Surprise them, and renew their wants and needs.

We want to renew their festive rituals with creativity and authenticity, cultivate the good and the spirit of discovery that tantalizes the  taste buds, renew the genre without rewriting the categories, create surprise within a framework. 

une terasse de café vue de l'intérieur
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