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Notre team à la limonaderie

our production site

Our beverages are made on our site in Roissy en France near Paris : "La Limonaderie".

Our cellar master, who has over thirty years of experience and has been working with us since the beginning, is joining us on this adventure and integrating our production team. 4 people are also part of the production: an experienced brewer, a site director and 2 technicians. 

This is an important step for us that will allow us to have greater control over the quality of our products, a better mastery of our sourcing and supply and the possibility of creating a larger range of products.

Our Limonaderie is made up of 3 parts: a cellar to store our different ciders, a brewery that  allows us to produce our beers as well as our craft sodas, and finally a bottling and barreling line used for all of our beverages. 

We can't wait to have you visit Appie's Limonaderie ! 

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