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L'équipe Mona trinque !


Everything in cafés is changing.
More styles, more formats, more terraces. 
Only the beverage selection still often remains limited...

Creativity is booming, but access to the distribution circuits of cafés and restaurants remains difficult. In the end, it is easier to buy an IPA in a supermarket than to drink one on the terrace of a café. Cafés, who for a long time spear-headed quality and innovation, seem to have fallen behind. 

We would like to contribute to making cafés places of creativity, inspiration and discovery. We want to reconnect with the independent mindset of these places created by the people who animate them every day.
Accompany café-owners in building and fueling their relationship with their clients.
Give them the primacy of a new product. Surprise them, renew their wants and needs. 

We want to renew their festive rituals with creativity and authenticity,
Cultivate the good and the spirit of discovery that tantalizes the taste buds,
Renew the genre without rewriting the categories,
Create surprise within a framework.

We are a new generation "limonadier"
We create, produce, and distribute authentic 100% original beverages that renew the ordinary,

Cider for apéro time,
Craft sodas for all ages,
Artisanal beer that speaks to everyone,
Our beverages now travel from cafés to your homes.
We bring the café vibe to family gatherings and drinks with friends. 



Limonadier Nouvelle Génération 

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